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Oliver Elsenbach

Graduate Sports Scientist

Oliver Elsenbach is a graduate from the German Sport University Cologne in Sports Science and is the founder and co-owner of the Centre for Competence in Sports (KOM*SPORT). He has long-term professional experience in performance diagnostics, training control, motion analysis and insole adjustments. He is also the founder of SOLESTAR; Oliver developed the SOLESTAR carbon cycling insoles.

Sebastian Klaus

Graduate Sports Scientist

Just like Oliver, Sebastian Klaus is a graduate from the German Sport University Cologne in Sports Science. He holds a training license from the BDR (German Cycling Federation) and wrote his Diploma Thesis on the topic of "Performance improvement due to cycling insoles". He is also co-owner of the Centre for Competence in Sports (KOM*SPORT).

Almut Exner

Diploma Biologist, kPNI-Therapist

Almut is a diploma biologist and kPNI-therapist. As an active endurance-athlete (rowing, cycling, running) she is responsible for our back-office and organisation as well as for the supervision of group- and individual athletes.

Patrick Lichan

Specialty: Bikefitting & Cyclingshoe Consulting

As a former pro-cyclist, Patrick Lichan has a huge experience in roadcycling. In our team, he's the man when it comes to bikefitting and the right choice of your next cyclingshoes. His big treasure of experience and his practical knowledge make Patrick's work even more valuable for us and our customers.

Frederic Störmann

Specialty: Performance Diagnostics & Training Control

Frederic Störmann studies sports science at the "DSHS Köln", the leading German University of Sports. As an active racing-cyclist, competing on the highest level of amateur-racing in Germany, he supports us in performance diagnostics as well as in training control. Years and years of racing-experience combined with a thing for scientific work, Frederic fits perfectly into our idea of working.

Leon Richenhagen

Specialty: The man for all seasons & Orthopaedic Insoles

Leon Richenhagen is the youngest guy in our team. His background knowledge in cycling, music and model making characterizes his daily work at Kom*Sport. The technical construction of insoles, performance diagnostics as well as training control are his assignments. Summing up: He's our man for all seasons.